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bbPress forum software added to all Linux hosting plans

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now offering one-click installs of WordPress developers’ forum software, bbPress. Message boards are a great way to promote visitor interaction and can be a useful tool to discover what your visitors are interested in, who they are, and what else they want to see from your site.

bbPress enjoys many similar customisation elements to WordPress so you can develop and install themes and plugins (e.g. for ratings, video and private forums) to customise your forums. Furthermore, bbPress can be integrated with WordPress so users signing up to your message boards can also be users on your blog without having to register separately. This is especially useful for multi-author blogs, blogs with regular commenters and those looking to build up integrated site communities from an existing WordPress blog. To find out more about what bbPress has to offer, check out

CMS Made Simple added to all Linux hosting plans

CMS Made Simple is the latest Content Management System script to be added to our ever growing script library giving you a great choice of CMS's to choose from. Content Management Systems are all in one web site solutions making it incredibly simple to get a professional website up and running fast without knowing a shred of HTML, CSS, JQUERY, Perl, PHP or any other web programming language.

Give your CMS Made Simple installation the extra functionality you need with Blogs, E-commerce, Google Maps, Guest books and much more with downloadable add-on modules available. Go to to find out more about what CMS Made Simple can do for you, and don't forget to check out the support forum while your there...

bbPress and CMS Made Simple is now included with all of our Linux Hosting packages.

Our one click script installation system takes the hassle out of complicated installation procedures. We fill in all the server settings for you, create any databases when needed and we set the correct file permissions required for scripts to work.

New Simple SSL Certificate Just Launched

We have now launched a brand new SSL security certificate for just £79.99 per year (that’s less than £7 per month). The new “Simple SSL” certificate is perfect for small businesses looking for a low cost solution for site security.

If you have an ecommerce website then you are welcome to use our generic SSL certificates included with your hosting, or if you’ve been thinking about purchasing your own SSL certificate, now’s the time to do it cheaply and easily.

Our Simple SSL – For the equivalent of just under £7 per month, offers a $10,000 warranty and is based on the RapidSSL product from GeoTrust.

To order your SSL certificate, visit the Web Hosting Add-Ons page in your customer control panel, then scroll down to the ‘Personalised Secure Server (SSL certificate)’ heading and click ‘More’.

PHP 5 To Become New Default Version

We are changing our current default version of PHP from 4 to 5 from the 6th September. As many of you will know, to use PHP 5 at the moment you need to enable this in a .htaccess file on the server or click the PHP5 icon in your hosting control panel. From the 6th September, we will swap this around so that PHP 5 is the default and PHP 4 may be called via a .htaccess file in the directory you wish to use PHP 4 from.

This is unlikely to affect many people as nearly all scripts written in PHP now operate on PHP 5 (for example all the PHP scripts available in your hosting control panel). We are now at a point where having PHP 5 as the default version makes more sense for users; PHP 5 was released in 2004, whilst PHP 4 hasn't been updated since 2008. If you're operating legacy software that will not work on PHP 5, please set up a .htaccess file with the following line in it:


This needs to be done before the 6th September so that your software will continue to work as normal. If you have any questions, please raise a support ticket from your control panel for a prompt response.

File Permissions Checker Added To Control Panels

We have added a new feature to Hosting Control panels called 'Check Site Permissions'. This new feature has been added to let you bulk check your websites file permissions without having to go through them all manually one by one. It will:

  1. Check that the permissions make any sense at all, e.g. that a directory is accessible or that a script is executable
  2. Check for conditions which would make the web server refuse to run a script for security reasons
  3. Check for permissions which are likely to lead to security problems on your site
  4. Where appropriate, recommendations for changes to the existing permissions will also be given to make your website more secure. You can then agree to the recommended permissions through this page (or choose to ignore them).

Simply Eddie's Are Now Accepting Pre-Orders For .CO Domain Extension

Pre-order your .CO domain at Simply Eddie's for only £24.99

The .CO is set to be one of the hottest domain properties to hit the Internet community that offers a truly global, recognisable and credible domain name for individuals and organisations to build their businesses and brands.

The new .CO domain name is due to be released on 20th July 2010, but don't wait until then to order your .CO domain name. Simply Eddie's are now accepting pre-orders to give you a better chance of getting the name you want with this prestigious extension for only £24.99. Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity to grab your new global .CO domain name before someone else does.

Don't waste any time! We have set up our automated systems to attempt to register your .CO domain name the minute open their systems to take registrations. There will be a huge global landrush to grab a new .CO name so get on our list right now and stand a better chance of getting the name you want.

Other registrars are now taking pre-orders too and they'll also be using automated systems to register names for their customers, so if you want the best chance of getting the name you want, Get On Our List! Simply Eddie's is a small company easily dwarfed by some of the larger companies who claim to host several million domains, but we see that as our advantage. It means our list will be much smaller and therefore we can get the domains registered quicker. Why join another company's list and be the 2,000,000th customer waiting for their registration when you can be 2nd (sorry, we're 1st) on our list?

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions Support Discontinued

From 1st May we will begin the process of discontinuing support for Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. In June 2006 the Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for UNIX were deemed to be "End-of-Life" which means modern versions of Apache web server software cannot run the extensions. By removing FrontPage extensions we can benefit from the enhancements, security and features that are in modern versions of Apache.

Time line:

  • FrontPage extensions have already been removed from our product feature list for new customers.
  • On the 1st May FrontPage extensions will be removed from Hosting Control Panels for existing customers.
  • In the months following the 1st May the extensions will be removed from each web server as we move to the latest version of Apache.

FTP Lock

Over the last year there has been a substantial increase in the number of sites on the internet that have been hacked due to viruses that steal FTP credentials from user's home computers. Hackers then use the credentials to insert hidden code within web pages. Please see for more information on this type of attack.

To help combat these type of attacks and make it extremely difficult for the hackers to infect websites via this route, we have installed a new security feature to hosting control panels called FTP-Lock. To unlock FTP, customers will simply log into their hosting control panel and click one button to unlock FTP for a period of time. FTP will then automatically lock again after the time period has expired.

FTP Lock deployed on 15th February to all Simply Eddie's customer control panels.

Customers will be able to nominate an IP address if they wish that has permanent FTP access, customers FTPing from that IP address will not have to unlock FTP.

These security measures will ensure that the majority of sites have FTP locked, greatly reducing the risk of having websites infected.

Mobile Control

Hosting control panels can now be accessed on iPhones & Androids giving customers the ability to control their websites from anywhere without the need for a computer.

Customers can continue to use our usual hosting control panel login URL when connecting with their iPhones or Androids. Our systems will automatically detect the devices and load iphone friendly control panel pages without the need for customers to log in from different URL's specifically for mobile access.

Script Updates

The following scripts have been updated to the latest versions:

  • Crafty Syntax upgraded to v2.16.3
  • Drupal CMS upgraded to v6.14
  • elgg upgraded to v1.6.1
  • MediaWiki upgraded to 1.15.1
  • Nucleus CMS upgraded to V3.51
  • Osticket upgraded to V1.6RC5
  • PHPCoin upgraded to V1.6.5
  • Roundcube Webmail upgraded to V0.3.1
  • Typo3 upgraded to V4.3.0
  • WordPress upgraded to V2.8.6