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Simply Eddie's Web Services is owned by Eddie Wilson and is a small company in the business of providing shared web hosting, domain name registration and web design services.

The business originally started out as a partnership between Eddie Wilson and Nick Cowan in 2001 trading as Services R Us and providing basic low cost web design services. At that time the market rate to have a simple two or three page web site designed and built cost approximately £300 which was a lot of money for many people. In many cases, web designers had one basic design layout which they used over and over again for each customer, only changing the text and theme-images and then commanding such a large fee for what was probably only about 2 hours work. We saw this as being quite a lucrative little money spinner and decided that if those designers were getting away with it then so could we, except we wouldn't command the same high fee and we would aim our service at those who wanted a web presence but could least afford it, setting our price way below the market rate. We could afford to do that as neither of us needed to rely on it as a main income and for us it was just a way of making a little extra pin money whilst helping the less fortunate to get a foothold on the web, giving them the opportunity to try and make their own pin money selling their homemade crafts or advertising their services of sort.

With a reasonably good degree of success, we decided to look into providing low cost web hosting for our customers web sites rather than putting them on third party hosting services. Doing this meant we had more to offer and at the same time, we'd make a bit more pin money. Unfortunately one year later the business was not anywhere near profitable and we decided we would call it a day and so the partnership was over.

Having learned a lot from our little venture and knowing there was a market there to be tapped, Eddie was reluctant to give up altogether and decided to make another go of it, only this time go it alone and try to create a viable business. There was already a lot of people in the market looking for cheap web services so Eddie was determined that this was the market he would continue to persue.

Eddie created a new hosting service trading as Host Great Britain, financed entirely from his main income and at the same time kept using Services R Us to help gain new customers even though it was hardly a well established company trading name. Host Great Britain was to be the web host for the new customers and at a price per year where other hosting services were charging the same price per month, it was well suited as a hosting service aimed at anyone in need of cheap hosting. The customer base started growing albeit very slowly, but as an unknown hosting company lacking the funds to launch any kind of serious advertising campaign, that was something only to be expected.

After almost two years trading under two names, it was decided to merge into one. Neither of the existing names seemed suitable anymore so it was decided a new name was going to be required. After some thought and much searching for a new domain name, it was eventually decided to keep it simple and so the new company name was to become Simply Eddie's. Of course, the most important thing wasn't so much in the name, it was about providing a quality service keeping it simple and affordable as it always had been.

Eddie learned from Host Great Britain that many people didn't have a great understanding of web hosting. It was a confusing technology for many, even amongst those who could build their own web sites, so a major overhaul in an attempt to simplify the hosting was seen as a necessity. A new web site was built with a back-end customer administration panel where customers could keep their details up to date or pay bills and a new hosting control panel was also provided to make it as easy as possible to help customers administer their web sites. When customers were moved over to the new system, some of them gave positive feedback after they were left gobsmacked at the transformation. Eddie knew from those customer reactions that the creation of Simply Eddie's was a huge step in the right direction and it served as great encouragement to strive for further improvement.

Simply Eddie's just keeps going from strength to strength. With further improvements customers can now access all of their hosted services, parked domain names and account administration features all from one simple area known as the Customer Centre. In addition, the hosting control panel has been further simplified along with new File Management software giving customers easier online control over their web site files.

Today, Simply Eddie's continue to provide low cost services to those who could least afford it, but with a hosting service which easily puts many of the large well known service providers to shame, Simply Eddie's is capable of providing for anyone in need of shared hosting and currently has customers from the European continent, USA and throughout the UK.